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Some bodybuilder-actors become state governors; others become product pitchmen. Hulk Hogan, the professional wrestler whose fame skyrocketed in the 1980s, chose the latter path. After leaving the World Wrestling Federation (since renamed World Wrestling Entertainment) in the mid-'90s, he opened a restaurant inside Mall of America. Pastamania! sold such bulk-me-up fare as Hulk-U's and Hulkaroo's.

Sadly, the Hulk's name alone wasn't enough to create the number of "pastamaniacs" needed to support the pseudo-Italian joint, not in the high-pressure, low-margin world of the restaurant business. Hogan, whose real name is Terrence Bollea, took Pastamania! out of the ring after one year, cutting his losses short. The restaurant concept had been his own, and he had personally bankrolled its operations.

Read about the money-making opportunity Bollea mistakenly turned down (the product endorsement scheme later made a retired boxer extremely wealthy) here.

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