If pressed, you could make the argument that "Growin' Up Gotti" was simply ahead of its time. A precursor of MTV's current cultural phenomenon "Jersey Shore," the 2004 A&E reality show featured Victoria Gotti, the middle-age daughter of a famous mob boss — John "the Teflon Don" Gotti, head of the Gambino crime family — and her three lustrously haired Guido-esque sons: Carmine, John Jr. and Frank.

Perhaps if they'd stuck the family in a beachside house with a duck-phone and an STD-infested hot tub, "Growing Up Gotti" could have ignited the kind of pop heat that Snooki and the rest of the "Shore" crew have been fanning since last summer. These days, with the biggest New York mafia bust in history bringing characters such as Tony Bagels, Junior Lollipops and Vinny Carwash into national headlines, maybe another Gotti-centric show could be a four-quadrant hit?

But in 2004, Victoria and her sons made a few mistakes. Read what became of them here.

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