Most people aren't terribly picky about food. Hard-to-pronounce chemicals in our cookies? No problem. Taco beef that isn't actually beef? Sure. But we'll be damned if you ever try to make us eat baby food.

This point was lost on Gerber back in 1974, when the company launched "Gerber Singles," a canned food product that looked nearly identical to baby food but was marketed to adults. It's hard to figure out the exact reason why the product flopped, but let's review a few possible explanations.

For starters, Gerber makes baby food. Which, apparently, just isn't terribly appetizing for adults. Secondly, the product was called "Singles." Why? Because it's not enough for a product to infantilize you with the very fact that it's made by a baby food company, but it also has to remind you that the only possible reason you're eating this stuff is because you are absolutely, positively, and utterly alone.

See what age group Gerber decided to focus on after its Singles flop here.

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