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Wed, 20 Nov 2013 09:45:00 GMT | By Josephine Lim, MSN Money
Countries most vulnerable to a financial crisis

As the world recovers from the recent recession, these countries remain vulnerable to an economic shock.

vulnerable developing countries (© Getty Images)
  • vulnerable developing countries (© Getty Images)
  • Pakistan (© Reuters)
  • Egypt (© Getty Images)
  • Mexico (© Corbis)
  • India (© Reuters)
  • Chile (© Rex Features)
  • Peru (© Reuters)
  • Brazil (© Corbis)
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While the recession crippled the economies of the United States and many countries in the eurozone, some emerging economies were able to weather the financial storm. Developing countries such as China and India continued to grow thanks, in part, to continued consumption by residents, according to Forbes. But some of the largest developing countries remain vulnerable to economic shock, says a recent report produced by Wells Fargo*.

These countries are currently in a precarious situation with many signs showing that a recession is possible in the near future.

* The study looks at 28 of the largest developing nations and determined ranks based on five factors: foreign exchange reserves, real exchange rate, growth in credit, GDP growth and the country's current account situation.

* Video: Is it too early to invest in China's baby boom?

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