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Tue, 26 Nov 2013 11:45:00 GMT | By Kate Wilkinson, Canadian Business
Companies cashing in and out on Rob Ford

As the Toronto mayoral saga continues to play out, some businesses are looking to profit from it while others are trying to stay as far away as possible.

Rob Ford (© Michelle Siu/Canadian Press)
  • Rob Ford (© Michelle Siu/Canadian Press)
  • Ford Motor Company (© Ford Motors)
  • Iceberg Vodka
  • Toronto Argonauts (© Cmm3/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Spirit Airlines (© Spirit Airlines)
  • Sun News Network (© Sun News)
  • American Apparel (© Canadian Business)
  • eBay Profiteers (© eBay)
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Just when you think the Rob Ford saga has reached its peak, the news cycle delivers the latest report of questionable behaviour by Toronto’s mayor, or footage of yet another circus-like day in the city’s council chambers.

In between all the stories about drug use, police surveillance, and city councillors getting tackled by the mayor, there have been a few reports of otherwise innocent businesses getting swept up in the Ford scandal. Some haven’t been happy about it, while others are gleefully trying to take full advantage of the media attention generated by the biggest (and most embarrassing) story to hit Toronto in decades.

What follows are a few companies (and individuals) that have either tried to distance themselves from Rob Ford as much as possible, or are diving head-first into the scandal  to see what profit they can make from their fleeting brush with the greatest political train wreck of our time.

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