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Tue, 24 Jan 2012 11:15:19 GMT | By Jason Buckland, MSN Money
Canada's hottest cities for business

Canada's top economies

Canada's top economies (© iStock)
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In that most Canadian way, Canucks love to bicker. With passion but without genuine hostility, those from the east chastise those from the west; Albertans deride Ontarians for claiming fiscal superiority; Habs fans look toward Toronto and chuckle at the Little Hockey Team That Can't.

When it comes to economic performance, though, how can we tell who's on top? Why, you consider nine complex market variables, that's how. The Metropolitan Economic Activity Index* is CIBC's way of measuring each Canadian city against one another, gauging which metropolises have the brightest business prospects. What towns are the hottest now? Click through to find out.

* The Metropolitan Economic Activity Index is a composite tally accounting for nine readings: population growth, employment growth, unemployment rate, full-time share in total employment, personal bankruptcy rate, business bankruptcy rate, housing starts, MLS housing resales and non-residential building permits.

* Bing: What you need to start your own business

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