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Canada's highest-paid CEOs

9. Robert Friedland, (former) CEO, Ivanhoe Mines: $12.6 million

Former Ivanhoe Mines chairman and CEO Robert Friedland on Feb. 8, 2012. (© Mike Hutchings/Reuters)
  • Peter Marrone, CEO, Yamana Gold; Frank Stronach, (former) CEO, Magna International; Gerald Schwartz, CEO, Onex Corp. (© Luke MacGregor/Reuters; Leonhard Foeger/Reuters; Mark Blinch/Reuters)
  • Yamana Gold Inc's chairman and chief executive Peter Marrone on May 4, 2011. (© Luke MacGregor/Reuters)
  • Former Ivanhoe Mines chairman and CEO Robert Friedland on Feb. 8, 2012. (© Mike Hutchings/Reuters)
  • Onex chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer Gerald Schwartz on May 6, 2010. (© Mark Blinch/Reuters)
  • Chief executive officer for Magna International Inc. Donald Walker on May 10, 2012. (© Fred Thornhill/Reuters)
  • Rick George, president and CEO of Suncor Energy, on March 25, 2011. (© Mike Sturk/Reuters)
  • Ned Goodman of Dundee Corp in Toronto, Ont., on June 1, 2005. (© Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail)
  • Brad Shaw, CEO of Shaw Communications, on Jan. 12, 2012. (© Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press)
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9. Robert Friedland, (former) CEO, Ivanhoe Mines

2011 compensation: $12.6 million

More than any other CEO in this top 10 list, Friedland's 2011 pay package was directly tied to his job performance. That year, according to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Friedland earned more than 85 per cent ($10.8 million) of his compensation in company shares, meaning that value could sink or swim in relation to the stock price of Ivanhoe Mines. In August 2012, Ivanhoe Mines changed its name to Turquoise Hill Resources as part of a 51 per cent stake buyout, and company founder Friedland stepped down as CEO.

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