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Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:30:00 GMT | By Diane Bullock and Jonah Loeb, Minyanville
Bizarre habits of nine obsessive CEOs

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo (© Stephen Lam/Files/Reuters)
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  • Marissa Mayer, Yahoo (© Stephen Lam/Files/Reuters)
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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

In all likelihood, Yahoo (YHOO) wasn't going to get its mojo back with a leader that procrastinated her way through her first quarter with the company. Sure, new CEO Marissa Mayer may fall in the more fastidious quadrants of the Myers-Briggs personality-type indicator. In fact, she could even be accused of having some control issues.

According to an article on website BGR, the former Google (GOOG) executive began imposing her "Googirl" work ethic on her new employees as soon as she took the helm. Product designers have been forced to produce at a far faster pace than they've been used to. Mayer allegedly approved a team's new unit pitch only if it could get to market months ahead of the proposed schedule.

This is, after all, the same person who engineered the perfect cupcake recipe by way of her own meticulously researched and logged spreadsheet data — and then repeated the process for frosting.

Perhaps a bit overbearing for some people's tastes, Mayer has insisted she personally sign off on every new company hire and on holding weekly "FYI meetings" that help her keep an eye on them.

If her first earnings call as Yahoo's CEO is any indication, there's a method to Mayer's micromanaging. The company beat analysts' forecasts of $0.25 a share, reporting a rise in third-quarter earnings by 66 per cent to 35 cents per share on $1.09 billion in revenue.

* Video: Yahoo CEO, new mom, prioritizes God, family, work

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