Do you toss and turn at night worrying about how your family would survive if evil aliens took you away? Have no fear. You can always purchase an alien abduction insurance policy to cover this risk.

No joke: if you are abducted by Marvin the Martian and never return to Earth, your beneficiary will receive a sizable payout. Of course, your family will have to prove that an extraterrestrial actually snatched you ... which is no easy task.

Believe it or not, London-based insurance company Goodfellow Rebecca Ingram Pearson (GRIP) offers this surprisingly popular alien abduction coverage. As a matter of fact, they have sold a total of 30,000 policies. The company even sold a $1,000 group alien abduction policy to the Heaven's Gate cult shortly before their mass suicide. The company took a short break from selling these policies after the tragic event, but now the coverage is available again.

Let's say you're not so concerned about aliens, but the thought of other supernatural phenomena has you quaking in your boots. No worries. GRIP also offers insurance that will cover you if you are hit by an asteroid, injured by a ghost or even if you are transformed into a werewolf. They also offer Immaculate Conception coverage — just in case you discover the father of your child is actually the Heavenly Father.

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