O.J. Simpson’s house (Shawn Magill/Flickr)

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Address: 360 N. Rockingham Ave., Brentwood, Los Angeles
Sold for: $4 million

It wasn't the location of the bloody 1994 murders — Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were slashed to death at her nearby townhouse — but the mansion of accused killer O.J. Simpson was as notorious as homes get when it went on sale in 1997. The former football great's 6,000 square-foot, five bedroom, six bathroom mansion became a bona fide tourist attraction in the L.A. neighbourhood of Brentwood, where Simpson held a celebration in 1995 following his acquittal in the slayings. The Tudor-style property, which hosted a swimming pool, tennis court and waterfall, was bought by a banker for $4 million, but he would bulldoze the house in 1998.

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