Khalil bin Laden, Bernie Madoff, Gianni Versace(Courtesy Autumn Norris)

The house that Kahlil bin Laden, brother to Osama, used to live in is on sale for $2 million.

A beautiful Mediterranean-style mansion sits empty now in tony Oakland, Fla. The five-bedroom estate, which overlooks 1,200 feet of private lake shoreline, boasts the décor of dreams: a red, barrel-tiled roof, arched windows and doors, pool, horse stable and four-car detached garage. There is, though, one catch. The home used to belong to Khalil bin Laden, one of the 54 siblings of al-Qaida's murdered leader.

By all accounts, businessman Khalil has had no connection to brother Osama's terrorist résumé, but such last-name notoriety has nonetheless made it tough to sell Khalil's posh property, which has been vacant for nearly a decade. Whether or not the mansion fetches its $2 million asking price remains to be seen, but the bin Laden home isn't the only stigmatized property to hit the open market. From murder houses to the sites of dog fighting rings, alleged child molestations and billion dollar frauds, here's what happens when infamous owners try to sell their homes.

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