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CES 2014: New tech to look out for this year

Sony Bravia X9

Sony Bravia X9 (© Sony)
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Sony is always good at classier, out-the-box thinking when it comes to competing in the TV world. Rather than jumping on the bendy bandwagon, the Japanese panel people have come up with another effective design innovation to improve your telly-watching.

The Bravia line for 2014 will come with an all-new, wedge-based profile which takes things one step on from its previous monolithic-look TVs. The advantages are, apparently two-fold. The first is that it means that screens can still get bigger but with less of a risk of falling over if you’d rather not wall-mount them. The prism shape means that its centre of gravity is kept nice and low.

The other plus is that there’s more space for speakers, and more space means better sound in the audio world.

Naturally, the Sony Bravia X9 features UHD / 4K resolution but you can pick one up in straight 1080p if you’d rather save money. Speaking of which, there’s no word on pricing as yet. Expect more on the matter around Springtime this year.

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