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  • Budgets can be a grab-bag of issuesBudgets can be a grab-bag of issues

    OTTAWA - A look at some unusual items included in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's budget, delivered Tuesday:

  • Tories likely to balance books in 2014-15Tories likely to balance books in 2014-15

    OTTAWA - The governing Conservatives are singing the final aria of their five-year deficit-fighting opera, finally ready to draw the red-ink curtain on a new show: a 2015 election campaign built on managerial competence and bulging federal coffers.

  • Quebec not happy with federal budget

    QUEBEC - Quebec has given a thumbs down to the new federal budget.

  • P.E.I. wanted more from Ottawa in budget

    CHARLOTTETOWN - Prince Edward Island's finance minister says Tuesday's federal budget contains "some troubling themes" for his province's financial situation.

  • Budget does little for Nova Scotia: minister

    HALIFAX - Nova Scotia's finance minister says she's concerned Ottawa's plans to forge ahead with the Canada Job Grant is targeted to the West and will result in slashed training programs in her province.

  • Conservatives forging ahead on job grantConservatives forging ahead on job grant

    OTTAWA - The Conservative government's insistence Tuesday that it will enforce the contentious Canada Job Grant in just six weeks — with or without the co-operation of any stragglers among the provinces and territories — has ruffled feathers beyond the nation's capital.

  • Saskatchewan says federal budget lacking

    REGINA - The Saskatchewan government didn't see what it wanted in the federal budget.

  • Fed budget sprinkles good news: minister

    ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Newfoundland and Labrador Finance Minister Charlene Johnson says the good news about Tuesday's federal budget is there's no bad news.

  • Tories tackle so-called 'country pricing'

    OTTAWA - The Conservative government's crackdown on price disparity between the U.S. and Canada comes at an odd time, when the falling Canadian loonie is significantly easing the problem, says an economist.

  • Road to black cuts through public serviceRoad to black cuts through public service

    OTTAWA - The Conservative government's march toward balanced budgets cuts directly through the federal public service.

  • Ontario "ripped off" by federal budget

    TORONTO - The Harper government is balancing its books at Ontario's expense, making itself "look good" before the 2015 election while putting the province's economic recovery at risk, Finance Minister Charles Sousa said Tuesday.

  • Vets burial fund gets $108 million boost

    OTTAWA - The Harper government is pouring an additional $108 million into a federal fund that gives impoverished ex-soldiers a dignified burial, and is loosening the criteria so it will apply to younger veterans, such as those who fought in Afghanistan.