RIM rolls out new BlackBerry OSRIM rolls out new BlackBerry OS
  • RIM debuts new BlackBerry smartphones

    Research In Motion says it's changing its corporate name to BlackBerry, the moniker of its globally recognized smartphones.

  • RIM turns to corporate users in phone launch

    They call them the BlackBerry loyals: longtime smartphone users who have clung to their aging Curve and Bold models through the most turbulent days of the company.

  • Why did BlackBerry lose relevance?

    Research in Motion went from being a company revered worldwide for its innovative phones — coveted status symbols proudly carried by world leaders, executives and celebrities — to an industry also-ran that's down to its last chance with BlackBerry 10.

  • BlackBerry maker looks to reboot with BB10

    Once a leader but now derided as a laggard, BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion hopes to regain the confidence of cynical smartphone users this week as the curtain is lifted on its much-anticipated new smartphones.

  • Can BlackBerry 10 save RIM?

    Talk about a long wait. After numerous delays, Research In Motion is finally set to show the world its next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system and its first new BlackBerry in almost two years. A hit would inject new life into RIM, while a tepid response could sound the death knell for a Canadian icon that's been shunted aside by the likes of Apple and Samsung. 

  • Live coverage: Research In Motion launches the BlackBerry 10

    Join us as Research In Motion unveils the new BlackBerry operating system and smartphones. Canadian Press business reporter David Friend will report from New York City and consumer tech reporter Michael Oliveira will file Toronto.


Reseach in Motion gives BlackBerry OS a crucial, long-overdue makeover

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