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  • aAct quickly to take advantage of renovation tax credit

    If you've been putting off fixing your windows or replacing your kitchen cabinets, a new tax break might help you get the ball rolling.

  • Why U.S. home values will keep falling

    The market is forecasting a further 14.5% drop in U.S. home values, and so far the American government hasn't helped. Investors can dabble, but U.S. home sellers and potential buyers still have it rough.

  • How dangerous is online banking?

    Sure, the Web makes it simple to manage your money. It also makes your account easier to hack into. Here's a look at the risks and realities -- as well as nine smart tips that can help you protect yourself.

  • Euro celebrates 10th anniversary

    Slovak banks did brisk business as they opened on New Year's Day for a very special occasion - issuing euros to citizens eager to get their hands on the country's new currency.

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