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  • Canada's top court rules against banks - 2014-09-19 9:09 AM

    OTTAWA - Canada's top court has restored a Quebec trial judge's decision that penalizes five banks for failing to meet provincial disclosure requirements when they charged currency-conversion fees to their credit card customers.

  • Costco Canada shuffles its cards - 2014-09-18 10:52 AM

    TORONTO - Costco Wholesale Canada is switching credit card partners at the end of this year.

  • Ontario pushes back on income splittingOntario pushes back on income splitting - 2014-09-18 9:38 AM

    OTTAWA - A controversial Conservative plan to allow some Canadian families to reduce their income taxes is under fire again — this time over what it could end up costing the provinces.

  • Tips on parting ways with your bank - 2014-09-18 3:31 AM

    TORONTO - Soured by problems with the bank he had been using for years, Johnny Hollick was looking for a good reason to take his money elsewhere, and a free iPad seemed like the perfect incentive.

  • Canadians look to balanced funds in August - 2014-09-16 8:16 AM

    TORONTO - Canadians continued to invest heavily in balanced mutual funds in August.

  • Domestic investors can miss global opportunities - 2014-09-16 2:00 AM

    (Special) - Investors generally tend to have a domestic bias and often are more comfortable putting their money into companies and assets in their own countries.

  • Women not as confident as men in investing - 2014-09-15 11:34 PM

    TORONTO - It seems that it can still be a man's world when it comes to investing.

  • Once-troubled reverse mortgages poised for reboundOnce-troubled reverse mortgages poised for rebound - 2014-09-15 7:25 AM

    WASHINGTON - Advertised as a path to an affordable retirement, federally insured reverse mortgages are showing signs of a rebound, drawing the scrutiny of regulators seeking to reduce historically high default rates that have cost the government billions.

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