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  • Trust funds are for middle-class kids, too - 2014-07-31 7:23 AM

    TORONTO - Some people are lucky enough to be born to well-connected families with vast fortunes, leaving those of us who rely on our wits and hard labour with rigid attitudes about the type of kids who benefit from trust funds.

  • Global markets vary by region - 2014-07-29 2:00 AM

    (Special) --International markets offer Canadian investors a myriad of opportunities. However, political and economic factors can have a big impact on investor sentiment and how those markets perform, and investors should consider investment options best suited to specific markets.

  • Bank of Cda makes molehill from mountainBank of Cda makes molehill from mountain - 2014-07-28 1:40 PM

    OTTAWA - The Bank of Canada is making a molehill out of a mountain.

  • Key controversies in new bank notes - 2014-07-28 8:11 AM

    OTTAWA - Some key controversies and misunderstandings in the release of a new series of plastic bank notes by the Bank of Canada:

  • Health costs are biggest retirement worryHealth costs are biggest retirement worry - 2014-07-28 12:39 AM

    TORONTO - A new poll suggests that health and medical costs are the biggest financial worry for Canadians later in life.

  • Consumers will go green — for the right price - 2014-07-26 1:00 AM

    TORONTO - When Loblaw (TSX:L) decided to start selling environment-friendly products 25 years ago, the word green had barely evolved from being a colour description.

  • Ottawa has $730 million of unclaimed money - 2014-07-25 4:40 AM

    MONTREAL - Ottawa is sitting on a stockpile of more than $730 million in uncashed tax refunds and other government cheques, according to Public Works Canada.

  • Small financial risks with class actions - 2014-07-24 2:56 AM

    TORONTO - Lee Kennedy was left homeless in 2008 after a transformer exploded in the underground parking garage of his Toronto apartment building.

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