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Beware of these 11 landlord tricks

No kids allowed

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No kids allowed

Plenty of landlords would prefer not to rent to tenants with children. Children make noise and break things. But landlords with any experience know it's illegal to discriminate against families.

Still, some landlords try to find a way around the law, by creating highly restrictive occupancy limits, such as limiting a two-bedroom apartment to two people. Many couples fall for it. Falsely believing the lease clause can be enforced, they look for other digs if a baby's on the way.

"The fewer the [number of allowed] occupants, the easier to keep the kids out," Kellman writes. "Imposing an unreasonable occupancy limit is one way of saying to a couple or single parent with children that they are not welcome there."

Check with your local housing authority for mandated occupancy limits. A common standard is two people per bedroom.

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