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  • When your mate can't handle money

    It might be tempting to seize the reins, but that would be a mistake. Here's a 4-step (and 2-person) plan for building a solid financial foundation for your relationship.

  • Before you buy that vacation property …

    While demand for vacation real estate remains high, buying in the country is very different from owning a city home.

  • Burgernomics: What's a Big Mac worth?

    A worker in Warsaw spends 31 minutes on the job to earn enough for a McDonald's sandwich, according to a new index from UBS. For a labourer in Lisbon, it's 23 minutes.

  • There's no will to fight inflation

    Central banks around the world won't stop printing money if it means choking off growth. Don't expect anything different from the U.S. Fed.

  • Canadians look to balanced funds in August - 2014-09-16 8:16 AM

    TORONTO - Canadians continued to invest heavily in balanced mutual funds in August.

  • Domestic investors can miss global opportunities - 2014-09-16 2:00 AM

    (Special) - Investors generally tend to have a domestic bias and often are more comfortable putting their money into companies and assets in their own countries.

  • Women not as confident as men in investing - 2014-09-15 11:34 PM

    TORONTO - It seems that it can still be a man's world when it comes to investing.

  • Once-troubled reverse mortgages poised for reboundOnce-troubled reverse mortgages poised for rebound - 2014-09-15 7:25 AM

    WASHINGTON - Advertised as a path to an affordable retirement, federally insured reverse mortgages are showing signs of a rebound, drawing the scrutiny of regulators seeking to reduce historically high default rates that have cost the government billions.

  • CREA raises 2014 home sales forecastCREA raises 2014 home sales forecast - 2014-09-15 4:09 AM

    OTTAWA - The Canadian Real Estate Association raised its home sales forecast Monday on the back of stronger than expected sales in recent months following a slow start to the year.

  • Canadian home prices up in August:indexCanadian home prices up in August:index - 2014-09-12 3:02 AM

    TORONTO - The Teranet-National Bank house price index was up almost 0.8 per cent in August, with the strongest gains in Winnipeg, the Ottawa-Gatineau region and Toronto.

  • Students should use credit cards with caution - 2014-09-11 10:09 AM

    MONTREAL - The first big test many university students face often has more to do with handling their financial affairs, in particular credit cards, than with scholastics. Unfortunately, say credit counselling agencies, it's one that too often many fail.

  • Consider changes to RRSPs says C.D. HoweConsider changes to RRSPs says C.D. Howe - 2014-09-10 5:57 PM

    TORONTO - Ottawa is being urged to reconsider enhancing RRSPs as a way of getting more Canadians to save for retirement.

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