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  • When your mate can't handle money

    It might be tempting to seize the reins, but that would be a mistake. Here's a 4-step (and 2-person) plan for building a solid financial foundation for your relationship.

  • Before you buy that vacation property …

    While demand for vacation real estate remains high, buying in the country is very different from owning a city home.

  • Burgernomics: What's a Big Mac worth?

    A worker in Warsaw spends 31 minutes on the job to earn enough for a McDonald's sandwich, according to a new index from UBS. For a labourer in Lisbon, it's 23 minutes.

  • There's no will to fight inflation

    Central banks around the world won't stop printing money if it means choking off growth. Don't expect anything different from the U.S. Fed.

  • Telecom giants talk paper bill fees at CRTC - 2014-08-28 11:53 AM

    GATINEAU, Que. - Canada's big telecom companies have agreed to exempt some, but not all, of their customers from fees they charge for producing and mailing invoices.

  • Use student lines of credit with caution - 2014-08-28 6:26 AM

    CALGARY - The line of credit was only supposed to be for a cheap set of wheels to get Krystal Yee to her classes and part-time jobs.

  • Tax credits help with home renovations - 2014-08-26 2:00 AM

    (Special) - Canadians looking to renovate their residential real estate have access to a number of government programs that can make the costs a little less burdensome.

  • Kids and parents disagree on cost of school - 2014-08-24 8:24 PM

    Post-secondary students grossly underestimate the cost of school, not to mention how much support they'll need from their parents, a new survey shows.

  • Financial tips to prepare for university - 2014-08-21 4:02 AM

    TORONTO - Is there value in a "gap year" after high school?

  • Maritime children get the most for baby teeth - 2014-08-21 1:03 AM

    TORONTO - If you're a kid in Atlantic Canada, here's a reason to smile. According to a new survey, the tooth fairy is paying a premium for baby teeth in the Maritimes and Newfoundland.

  • 3 Canadian cities among most livable - 2014-08-20 12:48 PM

    TORONTO - Three Canadian cities — Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary — have been named as some of the best places to live in the world, according to a report by The Economist.

  • The Economist's most and least livable cities - 2014-08-19 3:46 AM

    TORONTO - A quick list of the most and least livable cities according to a survey of 140 cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit:

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